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I went for the first time to Synthetic Culture on friday, after hearing so many things about the place I thought it was about time I went and see  what the fuss was about. Mmm I'm still wandering what is the big deal, the place is rather unfriendly and cold, dance floor practicaly inexistent and you better not run out of fags as it's £5.80, oh and let's not forget it's a none chewing gum club!!!! Well knowing all that if I ever go back to this place I will make sure  I take enough drugs before to enjoy the rest of the evening...

Slimelight was very quiet for a 3 floor, but still better than the precedent evening. Met up with Sylvia and Edy, haven't seen them in ages was good to catch up with them. Spend the rest of the evening chatting upstairs and ended up going to Rhi for a lovely after party, thank you sweetie.

Well better go back to finish some work or my candidates be pretty pissed off with me :(

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OMG it's been such a long time I've on LJ... I'm always so busy lately! I can't wait to finish this award I'm doing, it's not easy to do your own work, assess an NVQ candidate and this bloody RMA :(
Anyway who's going to Synthetic Culture?

In bed with flu!

For the past two days I've been in bed with  a cold/flu, my body is aching everywhere, and my nose is like the Niagara falls. What a picture! Well I'm not really surprised after spending most of last week going out. Mind you I don't regret it I had a great time especialy seeing Siouxsie and the Banshees two nights in a row, it had to be done. This weekend will definitely be more quiet :(


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...and I'm back

I finally decided to update, not that much happened as I was working all summer :( Oh well soon I should be going on a well deserved holiday. In a way I can't wait to go back home and relax properly for a bit.

On an other note I'm looking forward to tomorrow for red_woman_red and silver_ivy last weekend in London, it should be fun... ;)

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